Our Training Pedagogy

Technical Skills

Technology is changing the way of life. Expertise in solving real-world problems through programming & Languages is a must. We focus on the right set of technologies like JavaScript, Java & Python to groom our candidates.

Cognitive Skills

Today, Learning is the key to the success of the professional. Developing & Honing cognitive skills like Problem Solving, End User Thinking & Detailing help the brain to get trained. It helps them to thrive in this changing technology landscape.

Communication Skills

Communication is not limited to language; it is about communicating the right thing at the right time in the right way. We work closely on the Linguistic as well as Structured Thinking & Communication.

Our Courses

Your program and strategy is specialized to what you're interested in


Product Engineer with the skill across full stack JavaScript development including ReactJS, NodeJS & MongoDB

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Product Engineer with the skill across full stack JavaScript development including Angular, NodeJS & MongoDB

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Product Engineer with the skill across Object Oriented Programming including Java, Spring & Spring Boot

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Product Engineer with the skill across Python to work across Web Development & Data Engineering

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We tie-up with technology companies to help students undergo internship & solve real-life problems

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Interview Prep

We help prepare for the interviews focusing on Aptitude test & Interviews

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Your Career Partner


We train you on the latest technologies along with concepts that help you in the long term. Our training is focused on ideas & simulations to solve the real-world problems.


We help you with the preparation for the job interviews, including Aptitude tests as well as interviews. As a part of our curriculum, our team will work with you.


We help with job assistance by assigning mentors during the program as well as the post-program. Mentor will help you while searching for the job as well as post-selection. As per your wish, you can continue with the mentor to grow your career.

Our Methodology

Case Based Learning

Case-based learning is the key to real-world problem-solving. We work on real-world cases to groom our talent.


Projects are the way to implement the learning. We have crafted plans for concepts as well as technology.

Expert Talks

We invite experts from the industry to share their knowledge & experience with our participants on a regular basis


Simulation of the real-world development scenario. We simulate the work environment & teams for holistic growth & Development.

Our Team


Gaurav is an IIM & Delhi College of Engineering with 14 years of experience in Technology.


Sanjay is a technologist with experience of working at Wall Street, USA, for around ten years.


Aditya is an IIT Kharagpur graduate with experience in Technology & Product Development.

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